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Video in which you can type

Through Mojiti consumers can add texts, balloons, or images to videos. Those videos can come from any location, for example from YouTube. Then consumers can share the videos with the added materials on their own websites, comparable to sharing YouTube videos (through a snippet). I tested the service with the video of the Adidas Store in Paris (which in itself is worth watching), and I am happy about the result. If you watch it, you get two-in-one. But it still is just a step in the media evolution. Two steps further and we will see a real revolution in television.

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RTL GP now on paper

RTL GP Magazine is a magazine about car and motor sport, belonging to the TV program with the same name. The magazine will appear six times per year. The magazine does not repeat the information given in the TV programs: instead, it will provide new items (sak van der boom, Dutch). More and more TV programs get not only their own website, but also their own magazine. The website unites the people under a certain brand. In the end the consumers will determine the content, from the site as well as the magazine. RTL GP then facilitates an online car community, with the paper magazine for learning and entertainment. This is a small step in that direction.

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